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trinket's designs

Post by trinket on Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:58 pm

For trinket's designs:

1.  Pick an image from my gallery

2.  Post the image number Y/you have chosen

3.  Tell me any creature(s) of the night that Y/you want as well as Y/your name and any extra text

4.  Please make sure to spell how Y/you want it spelled because i cut and paste to make sure it is exact.

5.  Do Y/you need eye or hair color changed ?  i can give it a shot

6.  Give me a size (for Dom/mes) 420x620 or 450x650 (for submissives) 380x580 or 400x600

7. Have an image and maybe even a background Y/you have found ? dont forget about our request section !

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