the board is gonna be a lot of fun ! promise !

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the board is gonna be a lot of fun ! promise !

Post by trinket on Sat Jun 24, 2017 11:35 am

just a quick overview of  the board !    

the first section is News from the Queen and there will be announcements an what nots there from time to time
(psst it's nice to say hey thanks or even  or Exclamation  or whatever ! )
communication is a key element in any family !

the general section is about the board itself, there will be announcements from trinket there about graphic and board kinda stuff.  there is a section with help in using the board, and one with a few things about codes !   you can keep in touch with the family, leave notes for someone you would like to meet up with...anything ! in the keep in touch section

the design board is a place to request avies.  you can make a request, where you leave images you have found, or a description of what you are after avie-wise.  or you can look at trinket's gallery to choose an image, if you dont have time to scour the internet for just the right thing.  and then you can check back on the pick up board to find your new newness !  

in the storyteller's corner we can find updates on stories that might be currently going on, make suggestions for future stories, and reread old stories !

the board is awesome ! have a look around and if you have any questions at all leave them as a reply here or hit trinket up in the room !


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