posting images to the board

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posting images to the board

Post by trinket on Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:29 am

to post an image in a topic we go to the bar an first step find the host an image icon

it will open a lil dialog an you can drag an drop your image into it and click send.  it will then be saved (and retrievable we'll talk bout that later on)  and assigned an address.  just copy the top selection of addresses.
you can skip that whole step if you already have the image hosted.  

now click the insert image icon

a dialog will open and you can paste  the address into the box that says url and click the insert button

easy as that !

to retrieve an image you have hosted on the board, go to  servimg    use the email address that you have given here, and the same password you used for this board.

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