Elvira Queen of Hellblood Castle

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Elvira Queen of Hellblood Castle Empty Elvira Queen of Hellblood Castle

Post by trinket on Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:41 pm

Elvira, Queen of Hellblood Castle, has graced this earthly plane for 350 years.  
In that time She has seen much.  Has gathered Her family near, and made a safe home for them.

Elvira Queen of Hellblood Castle Elvira12

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Elvira Queen of Hellblood Castle Empty Elvira Cerberus

Post by Elvira on Tue Aug 01, 2017 5:36 pm

My name is Elvira Cerberus Dain. I am the oldest daughter of Victor and Mariana Cerberus and Owner/Ruler of Hellblood Castle. I am a pureblood vampyre/druid, 350 years old, born and raised in Moldova, Romania. My father is an ancient pureblood vampyre, My mother is a pureblood vampyre/druid. I remained living with them both in the family castle along with My numerous brothers and sisters until I was 18 years of age then left to go out into the world on My own. I moved to Paris, France where I opened My own business, a gothic clothing boutique, and remained there for many years. The business was successful and I enjoyed My life but I was ready to move on and seek adventure in other parts of the world. It was at this time in My life that I moved to Styria, Austria and had Hellblood Castle built deep in the forest of one of the many beautiful mountains located there. It was a vast yet gorgeous fortress and secluded, perfect for Me to retire to after My many business travels. Still I became restless again and I decided to visit My parents in Romania for a short time. During My stay with them I met Aleister Dain, a wonderful and handsome vampyre who was handling some of the business affairs for My father. We had several dinner meetings together and as fate would have it we fell in love. He made Me so happy and when he proposed I could not say no. We were married in My parents home then returned to the Castle to enjoy Our love and Our immortal life together. Over the years many family members and friends have found the Castle and now reside there with Me and My husband Aleister in Our home.

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