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Post by ~Eden~ on Tue Aug 01, 2017 4:00 pm

I was the guardian of souls being transported to the gates. It is not unheard of for souls to be attacked during their journey to the gate of judgement but what is unheard of is losing a high profile soul to the darkness with out it being judged no matter who it is....even the first born son the highest god .  When such a thing happens the lead guard is punished...or in my case banished until proven to be let back in. With that my station is to report to given realms and do as instructed for it be taking souls .. protecting the innocent ...rebuilding a dynasty. I was dropped at these gate to protect and serve this house and its inhabitants in any way needed. With my banishment and being resurrected recently my abilities are changing some demonic and some angelic. Either way I am at the service of the Queen and her family until I am instructed otherwise.

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