once upon a time there was a trinket

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once upon a time there was a trinket Empty once upon a time there was a trinket

Post by trinket on Thu Nov 29, 2018 1:27 pm

once upon a time there was a trinket Once10

trinket was just a human girl person, and she was a happy trinket.  and she loved candy and fun and meeting new friends.  
it turns out that not everyone is nice.  
one day, trinket sought out Elvira in the castle.  and Elvira took her in because the Queen had always always been nice to trinket.  
in the castle, Elvira protected trinket, and outside the castle, the Queen's protection traveled with trinket.

trinket found her bestie also in the castle.  tilted halo and trinket kept their colors close and spent happy times together as they had always done.
trinket met many new friends, like MsBambi and She is a human and She also protects trinket.

as trinket spent days coloring and playing with halo, and meeting people and creatures, and talking with Elvira and MsBambi, just minding her own business, she met Lucifer.  Lucifer was kind to trinket.  He let trinket sit with Him.  He gave her candies and pets.  One day, Lucifer said that trinket was becoming His favorite human.  and well, trinket, she had this super huge crush on Lucifer!

now trinket belongs to Lucifer.  He made trinket a collar from 30 pieces of silver cause it amused Him to do so and it's so pretty.  trinket likes to show it to people.  Lucifer spoils trinket so much.  He is super dreamy and He always takes care of trinket.

trinket is still the same girl she always was before everything happened.  but she is even happier.

once upon a time there was a trinket End10

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