Please Read Before Posting Your Requeat

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Please Read Before Posting Your Requeat

Post by tilted halo on Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:20 pm


1. Please post three quality images (or a link to them) that our designers will be able to choose from. (we do not search for images for you as it consumes to much of our time)

2. Colors you prefer or dislike

3. Background - style you prefer or dislike

4. Eye color if that is necessary

5. Extra text if desired (extra text will only be added if it does not affect the integrity of the design)

6. Size...Here are the available choices (for Dom/mes) 420x620 or 450x650 (for submissives) 380x580 or 400x600

7. You may not request a specific designer. Our designers will read the requests and select which they wish to fill as their time allows
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