Request Guidelines

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Request Guidelines

Post by trinket on Wed May 31, 2017 3:37 pm

1.  bring images here and start a new topic, with your name as the subject  i need images to be at least 400 high please

2.  post your image(s) and your name and any other text you would like.  please make sure everything is spelled correctly as that is how i will spell it !

3.  leave me a lil note bout what colors you love or hate, anything you wish included  (like your animal or creature if you want them included)  and do you need me to host ?

4.  size....max size is 425 high, i ususally make 425 high for Dom(me) and 375 high for subs, if you wish a different size please
let me know

5.  this is also where you can just give me a general idea of what you might like without images and i can try   try

6.  this is where i keep my head in order, so you will also find that i post random names and messages as well

8. please watch the pick up board for your newnes an please please let me know when you have picked it up

8.  models that already have a home (trinket wont use them for anyone else)
    Kat Von D
    Jyrki 69
    Lilly Collins
    Tom Ellis
    Zakk Wylde
    Doutzen Kroes
    Kit Harrington
    Brock OHurn
    Andrej Pejic
    Ulya Lexivia (Klodie)
    Lucy Hale
    Nir Lavi
    Darya Goncharova

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